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Nestled in the heart of Cañon City, Colorado, the Cañon Professional Wellness Clinic stands as a beacon of holistic family healthcare. With a legacy that began in 1983 under the esteemed Dr. Gary A. Mohr, our clinic has evolved and grown, now led by the dedicated Leslie Nelson, FNP. Our team of skilled Family Nurse Practitioners is committed to providing family-centric care, ensuring that every member of your family receives the personalized attention they deserve.

At Cañon Professional Wellness Clinic, we understand that health is multifaceted. Our Family Nurse Practitioners are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, from the common cold and flu to more complex conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Annual and Wellness Exams
    Annual and wellness exams are crucial for preventative care and early detection of potential health issues. These yearly physicals involve a comprehensive health monitoring process, ensuring that you're on track with your wellness goals. From checking vital signs to discussing lifestyle habits, our wellness checks are designed to keep you in optimal health year-round.
  • Family Planning
    Family planning is more than just deciding when to have children; it's about having control over your reproductive health. Whether you're seeking advice on birth control, considering various contraception options, or looking for guidance on pregnancy planning, our experts are here to provide tailored services to meet your family's unique needs. We also offer fertility consultations to assist those facing challenges in conceiving.
  • Women's Wellness
    Women's bodies have unique health needs that require specialized attention. Our women's wellness services encompass everything from routine gynecological exams and mammograms to osteoporosis screenings. We understand the intricacies of hormonal balance, menstrual health, and the various stages of a woman's life, from puberty to menopause. Trust our team to provide comprehensive care tailored to the distinct needs of women.
  • Medicare Exams
    Medicare exams are specially designed for our senior patients, ensuring they receive the thorough care they deserve. These beneficiary check-ups include age-specific screenings, addressing common health concerns that arise with age. From evaluating cardiovascular health to cognitive assessments, our Medicare wellness visits are comprehensive, ensuring our geriatric patients lead healthy, fulfilling lives.
  • Sick Visits
    Our sick visits are designed to provide prompt and effective care for those unexpected illnesses. Whether you're dealing with a sudden fever, persistent cough, or any other acute symptoms, our team is equipped to offer immediate medical attention. We focus on accurate illness diagnosis, ensuring you receive the right treatment for swift symptom relief and recovery. 
  • DOT Physicals
    DOT Physicals are essential for ensuring the health and safety of commercial drivers and the public. Adhering to FMCSA regulations, these comprehensive exams evaluate a driver's physical and mental fitness for the demands of the road. From vision and hearing tests to cardiovascular assessments, our occupational health experts ensure drivers meet all necessary medical standards for their commercial driver's medical certification.
  • Annual Screenings
    Annual screenings are pivotal in preventative healthcare and early detection of potential health concerns. Our comprehensive health checks include mammograms for breast health, colonoscopies for colorectal health, and BMI assessments to monitor weight and body composition. Additionally, we offer skin checks for early signs of skin conditions or cancers, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings for cardiovascular health, eye exams for vision clarity, immunizations to prevent infectious diseases, and STD screenings for sexual health. Stay a step ahead with our routine medical tests, ensuring your well-being year-round.
  • Lab Work
    Lab work plays a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring various health conditions. Our state-of-the-art medical laboratory offers a range of diagnostic testing, from blood tests that assess organ function to urine analysis that can detect signs of kidney issues or diabetes. With our accurate and timely diagnostic services, you can trust that you'll receive the insights needed for informed healthcare decisions.
  • Blood Pressure and Vitals Monitoring
    Regular monitoring of blood pressure and other vital signs is key to assessing and maintaining cardiovascular health. Our team conducts thorough checks, measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature, ensuring all are within the optimal range. Any irregularities can be early indicators of underlying health issues, making these regular checks invaluable for proactive healthcare.
  • Medication Reconciliation Review
    Ensuring that all your medications work harmoniously is vital for your overall health and safety. Our medication reconciliation review process involves a thorough assessment of all the drugs you're taking, checking for potential interactions or overlaps. Whether you're on multiple medications or starting a new treatment, our pharmaceutical review ensures therapeutic consistency and safety, optimizing the benefits while minimizing potential risks.

Insurance and Referrals

Accepting Most Major Insurances

Navigating the world of medical insurance can be daunting. At Cañon Professional Wellness Clinic, we aim to make it easier for you. We accept most major medical insurances and offer in-network referrals, ensuring that your care is both high-quality and financially accessible.

Your health is our priority. With our comprehensive services, dedicated team, and holistic approach, we're here to support you and your family every step of the way. Join us in our mission to promote total body health and mental well-being.

At Cañon Professional Wellness Clinic, we believe in the deep connection between physical health and mental well-being. We recognize that physical ailments can impact mental health and vice versa. Our approach focuses on total body health, emphasizing the importance of physical activity, healthy eating, and mental wellness. We're here to guide you on a journey to feeling better, both physically and mentally.

Leslie is an amazing doctor. She listens and helps diagnose. I appreciate that she spends time with her patients and doesn't just prescribe medicine without understanding the issue.

Trish L Cañon City, Colorado

They always been attentive to my concerns, and the office staff is consistently helpful in scheduling appointments. The care provided has always been appropriate and thorough. As long as I live in Cañon City, this is where I will go for medical care. You cannot find better care in Cañon City!

Pamela M Cañon City, Colorado

Having moved to Cañon City recently, finding a reliable healthcare provider was a top priority. I'm glad I chose Cañon Professional Wellness Clinic. Their holistic approach to health is exactly what I was looking for.

Nina K Brookside, Colorado

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